County of San Diego

The home you live in, stores you shop at, and places where you work and play all have a connection to our department. Managing your built environment and how it fits into our ecosystem is what we do.  Our experts balance the voice of the community with the governing laws and policies and needs of the businesses that build our communities.


Chula Vista

The City of Chula Vista is leading the international smart city movement with state-of-the-art technology and data analytics tools that improve quality of life and contribute to economic growth. Chula Vista’s commitment to smart city innovation is reflected in its detailed strategic plan and numerous initiatives in progress.


The City of Coronado is a small beach community, with an island feel.  Incorporated in 1890, Coronado has a rich history and exceptional community assets in a village atmosphere.  Surrounded by the San Diego Bay and the Pacific Ocean, Coronado offers a unique lifestyle enjoyed by residents, and has also welcomed visitors from around the world for nearly 120 years.

City of San Diego

Incentives and programs are available to help launch, grow and expand your business, and provide support for homeowners and contractors to get work done.

Imperial Beach

Explore Imperial Beach and be the most southwesterly person in the Most Southwesterly City of the United States. And what’s so cool about that you may ask? As a border community, we have a clear view of the Plaza Monumental de Tijuana, or Bullring by the Sea, in Mexico. In fact, as you walk along our beach, you can reach the border, but not before you pass by the Tijuana River mouth – and may even see Tiger Sharks and Stingray.

National City

Making a Great City for Great Businesses requires partnership – the City, residents, businesses, and organizations working together to identify solutions, champion needed changes, and being open to invest in our community. For this reason, National City is committed to promoting smart and, responsible growth within our city that respects our rich history of economic innovation, our cultural diversity, and the unique character of our community.   


Baja California

Mexico is on the path of changing its status from a developing country to a strong emerging economy, offering numerous possibilities for businesses to prosper. Especially in the last years, the country has increasingly attracted companies from abroad.